The Melting Pot Hair & Body beauty center team is attentive to your needs and is keen to personalize your care in a warm and quiet environment.

Melting Pot Center, opened in February 2015, located Chaussée de Charleroi in the chatelain and Louise district in the heart of Brussels, capital of Europe and cosmopolitan city, offers a beauty centre in warm and sleek design with an innovative concept. We women and men of all colors have a unique place of aesthetics, hairdressing and makeover of a high level of quality and requirement.

Each, each is greeted by a member of our multicultural, professional and competent team which will assist to highlight his physical and personality according to his needs from a listening active.

Our desire is to offer you advice and care which fits your requirements.

Melting Pot Center magnifies by its expertise and care all women and men of all colors in the center of Brussels for your greater pleasure.

Our Mission

Always listen and dialogue to better organize. To find a "top" silhouette do you help and let it guide you. Always attentive and the service for a Council really custom. Take care of her skin to slow the effects of time throughout the year. Give you what we love to receive such is the motto of the exhibition.